An Illustrated Sitcom
Updates Every Monday and Thursday
contains strong language and mild sexual content


Anna's art assignment doesn't quite go as planned


Jon thinks it's time to tell Anna how he feels about her


The power is out in the whole building. How will these nerds of the digital age cope?

Day Off

Seth has a day off work, but it isn't as fun or relaxing as he anticpated

Dinner With the Boss

Everyone at Seth's work goes out for a meal and it's basically the worst

Dentally Disturbed

Anna has the worst job for someone who hates teeth

Turn a Deaf Ear

Seth is rendered temporarily deaf


Seth has rubbish teeth

Christmas Apart

It's the festive season and Jon hopes Seth will go home with him this year

Hang On to Your IQ

Jon thinks he's stupid (he's not entirely mistaken)

Just the Two of Us

Jon and Anna go out for lunch

Sell Out

BudgCo provides some not-so-healthy competition for Seth's workplace

New Management

Mo' managers mo' problems

Paternal Instinct

Seth is in charge of babysitting his cousin Nate

Not Above the Influence

Anna and Jon try to hang out together without Seth


Anna's tampering with the "cursed" dolls has unusual consequences for Seth and Jon

A Tricycle Built for Two

It's tough being caught in the middle

Hakuna Nevada

A tax screw up works in Seth's favour, and he finds himself with some extra spending money.

Work Friends

Jon and Karen get to know each other outside work.

Playing With Dolls

The doll “curse” strikes again. And it might be all Anna’s fault this time.


If the doofus won't go to you, you go to the doofus.

I Think Therefore Iamb

Jon and Ken study maybe a bit too much Shakespeare, and start to experience some “side-effects”, while Seth and Gemma decide to not tell Anna about their recent liaison, which of course goes well.

Bollege vs City

The true date of Anna and Paul’s anniversary is up for debate, leading them to recount how they first got together, to try and get to the bottom of it. But in love, are there really any winners? Yes. Yes there are.


Ty organises a pub crawl with Jon and Ken, and things take an interesting turn when he invites a friend from their rival university...

On the Virgo of Madness

Seth finds a new way to make Jon’s daily horoscope more meaningful for the non-believer.

Dramatis Personal

Paul takes the group to see a play, though it’s after the curtain falls that the drama truly begins.

Sinking Up

Seth tries to fix a blocked sink, which can only go well. Meanwhile, Anna gets to know a new neighbour under unorthodox conditions.


First dates are never without their complications...

Third Things First

It’s results day for Jon and Ken, and they’re both in for a bit of a surprise...

Beach Episode

Fairliestoke is hit by a heatwave, so Seth, Jon, and Anna organise a day at the beach with their best buds. Yes I literally called this one Beach Episode, because that’s what it is.

Separated at Birthday

It’s Jon’s birthday, so he and some friends go out to celebrate. But something is still hanging over him and Seth...

A Latte of Experience

Anna and Paul are off to Paris for their 2-year anniversary. Meanwhile, Ken wants to be more independent, and gets advice from Jon because that seems legit.

Dressed to Impress

Put on your favourite “trying on outfits montage” music for this one.


On the spookiest day of the year, the costumes are the least scary thing going on, as Anna’s artistic endeavours once again come back into play...

Blow Up

Baby you’re a firework, Blow their hand off, make them hurt, Make them go “Ah! Ah! Ah!” As you make them wanna cry, cry, cry!

Tackling Problems

Anna somehow cajoles her friends into playing rugby, that’s it, that’s the setup, enjoy.

Father Christmas

It’s Christmas time again, and you know what that means. Family drama! :,)

A Cup of Kindness Yet

It's New Year's Eve, and the boys Jon, Ken, Paul, and Ty are out at the pub, I'm sure they'll definitely have a nice time and nothing will happen.

Dyeing for Boundaries

Seth and Jon run into some issues, having never agreed on any rules for having guests over. Meanwhile, Anna and Gemma have some bright ideas while drinking...

Valentine's Day

It’s Jon’s first Valentine’s Day in a relationship, and he wants things to go well. But his other relationships might need tending to.

Auntie Gemma

Gemma’s brother needs a favour. Seth is all too happy to oblige. Gemma’s all right.

The Photo

Anna has an idea to take Jon’s mind off things, with mixed results.


It’s karaoke night at the Rush and Roulette! Some are thrilled!

Run Forwards

After a year, Jon finally breaks in his running shoes.

Final Curtain

Paul is about to finish university and Anna is supportive, to a point.

Just the Three of Us

Anna proposes a trip – just the trio! A return to form, if you will. A classic episode, if you like. An attempt to recapture the magic of the earlier comic, if you may.

Luck in Love

Jon and Karen hang out when they are both single at the same time. That’s gone well in the past.

The Perfect Crime

Anna has the perfect crime up her sleeve... will it go off without a hitch?

Things Happen in Threes

Jon and Ty are the only ones who can make it to a hangout, after Ken and Paul both have a stroke of bad luck...

Colour Me Hurt

Seth discovers Gemma’s been hiding something from him...

Managing Expectations

Seth is under some pressure at work, and isn't sure what he should do. Meanwhile, Jon and Ty are finding their way in their new relationship, with the added complication of keeping it quiet from everyone else.

Mate of Honour

The wedding planning is starting to get to Anna, but don't worry, I'm sure she 'll keep a level head about it.


It's Jon and Ty's first official date!

Messy Christmas

Christmas is going to be quite different for Jon this year. How will he cope?


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