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0488: Is This What You Wanted?! in Rivals 22nd Apr, 2019
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0488: Is This What You Wanted?!
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Author Notes:
Mel Cormac edit delete
Mel Cormac
Ken, definitely not drunk: *is given another beer*
Ken, totally fine: *immediately spills it*

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User comments:

anonymous coward (Guest)
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Some of that lying as far as Anna's concerned may be a good thing, or at least better than telling the full truth. Minimalism is key, Jon's demonstrating here that it really pays to say as few lies, with as few untrue details, and as few details that other people may act on, as one can. The level of difficulty involved with being a good liar and not looking suspicious keeps going up too: The internet is as useful for disproving lies as it is for spreading them.

Hmm, Paul looks pretty bulky, and it's probably not all flab either. Is he even capable of getting more than buzzed on beer without chugging it? It would be pretty funny if he and Jon end up being the designated 'people who can walk still' at the end of this, hauling the other two.
Mel Cormac
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Mel Cormac
Yeah, Jon's not so much a bad liar as he is an unwise liar...

And yes, it takes more than Paul would think to drink in one night to get drunk! He would probably have to do shots, or chug a bunch of beer like you said, to reach anything past tipsy.