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0267: I Wonder Where the Birdies Is in Unchaptered 9th Jun, 2014
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0267: I Wonder Where the Birdies Is
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Author Notes:
Mel Cormac edit delete
Mel Cormac
Sketched using Photoshop, inked and coloured using GIMP. Now, maybe it's just me, but I think it looks a bit blurry. Something about GIMP's brush tool is a little too soft, even with the hardness turned all the way up (matron). Well, GIMP is a temporary thing for now, so I should just stop complaining. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, things should pick up again now, though I will have to revert to updating once a week to keep my work/life balance in check.

14.06.14 Fixed a grammar mistake in this author comment because my mother saw it and was appalled.
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