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contains strong language and mild sexual content

Dyeing for Boundaries
Seth and Jon run into some issues, having never agreed on any rules for having guests over. Meanwhile, Anna and Gemma have some bright ideas while drinking...

0660: That Mess (5th Jul, 2021)
0661: Ombré Means Shade (8th Jul, 2021)
0662: Bump in the Night (12th Jul, 2021)
0663: No Big Thingo (15th Jul, 2021)
0664: In Vino Veridumbass (19th Jul, 2021)
0665: Dyeing for Boundaries (22nd Jul, 2021)
0666: Noise Pollution (26th Jul, 2021)
0667: Unscathed (29th Jul, 2021)
0668: Go Dye (2nd Aug, 2021)
0669: Bite the Hand That Feeds You (5th Aug, 2021)