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this comic contains strong language and mild sexual content

On the spookiest day of the year, the costumes are the least scary thing going on, as Anna’s artistic endeavours once again come back into play...

0588: Boyfriend Goggles (17th Sep, 2020)
0589: Poor Unfortunate Spirit Detective (21st Sep, 2020)
0590: A Strange Coven (24th Sep, 2020)
0591: Guess Who’s Back (28th Sep, 2020)
0592: Fridge Demon (1st Oct, 2020)
0593: The Last to Know (5th Oct, 2020)
0594: Formal (8th Oct, 2020)
0595: Witch Admin (12th Oct, 2020)
0596: Magic Bites (15th Oct, 2020)
0597: You Did This (19th Oct, 2020)