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contains strong language and mild sexual content

About Waste Of Time

Waste Of Time is a pet project, started in 2009, featuring the silly adventures of three goofballs: Jon, a romantically inept English student; his half-brother Seth, a lazy horny manchild; and their upstairs neighbour Anna, a procrastinating artist with anger management issues. The comic evolved over the years into a romantic dramedy, with an increasingly tangled web of unrequited crushes and family and friendship drama.


About the Author

Mel Cormac is a hospital administrator and audio transcriber in Nottingham, with a BA in English with Creative Writing. She writes primarily longform fantasy fiction, but also participates in local short story competitions, writing in the fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction genres. She has been writing and illustrating the webcomic Waste Of Time since October 2009.

Contact Information:
Twitter (DMs open): @melcormics
Email: melcormics@gmail.com